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3051RE: [indie-netgaming] Re: Sorcerer

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jul 19, 2004
      >From: "Lee" <leereynoldson@...>

      >I was hoping to play rather than GM (having never played before)
      >vanilla modern Sorcerer preferably (cos I know once I get going it
      >will be Sorcerer and Sword all the way).

      Seems an odd thing to say - if you "know" where you'll be playing in the
      end, then why not go there first? Why the preliminary? There's nothing
      inherently important about playing in the example setting from the book. I'd
      skip it, unless it really speaks to you directly.

      This is an important thing about Sorcerer, the work up should make you
      really want to play.


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