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3049RE: [indie-netgaming] Re: Sorcerer

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jul 19 6:57 AM
      >From: "samachadreal" <tumblebear@...>

      > > What I would say is that I think that if you intend to run Sorcerer
      > > be prepared for a lot of hard work, and be committed to seeing it
      > > Maybe it's just coincidence that these all fell apart, but there might
      > > more to it than that.
      >Well Lxndr's Razing Arizona game is still going on RPOL from when we
      >started it way back
      >in....um...wow, last July.

      Hmmm. Maybe it's just me somehow. ;-)

      >(I'm in it and I didn't even realize it had been that long.) We're a
      >pretty dedicated group.

      Yes, I think that this game should be a model for people who want to play
      Sorcerer online. Especially the discussion up front that, I think, really
      got people properly invested in the game.


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