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3042RE: [indie-netgaming] Sorcerer

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jul 17, 2004
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      >From: "Lee" <leereynoldson@...>
      >If anyone is running, or planing to run Sorcerer, I'd really like to
      >get my first game.

      I might be interested depending on details.

      I don't want to discorage you at all, but I've been in four attempts to
      start up Sorcerer now, in various online media, and none of them have
      produced much.

      Let's see:
      Gothic Fantasy
      Beasts of Austria
      Roger Dean Psychedelia
      Van Hellsing Vampires

      All really great concepts that people somehow couldn't stay committed to.

      What I would say is that I think that if you intend to run Sorcerer online,
      be prepared for a lot of hard work, and be committed to seeing it through.
      Maybe it's just coincidence that these all fell apart, but there might be
      more to it than that.


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