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2964[indie-netgaming] Re: Sorcerer online source

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  • Per Fischer
    Jun 7, 2004
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      Yes, I know (and use) the wiki page you mention, it's brilliant, and combined with the search function in the Forge forums, you have the possibility of getting an answer to all your questions. And if not, you can just ask there, it's great.


      >I'm assuming you've read the Forge, but in case you've missed it,
      >Doyce's collection of rulings, <http://random.average->http://random.average-
      >bear.com/pmwiki.php/Sorcerer/HomePage is a fantastic resource for
      >any minor questions you may have about the game's rules.
      >I've ran a few one-shots over IRC, and the combat is very well
      >suited to IRC because of the action-order system.
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