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  • thekrown
    Jun 7, 2004

      I'm assuming you've read the Forge, but in case you've missed it,
      Doyce's collection of rulings, http://random.average-
      bear.com/pmwiki.php/Sorcerer/HomePage is a fantastic resource for
      any minor questions you may have about the game's rules.

      I've ran a few one-shots over IRC, and the combat is very well
      suited to IRC because of the action-order system.

      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, Per Fischer <fischer@f...>
      > Hi Matt,
      > Good to hear that :)
      > So, are you interested in an IRC version of Sorcerer? I haven't
      got any specific setting in mind, but Clinton Nixon's
      Matrix/cyberpunk setting Inside
      look really promising. That could be a good starting point.
      > Per
      > >Not all of us. Some who lurk (like me) are UK based too.
      > >
      > >-Matt
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