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2956RE: [indie-netgaming] Sorcerer

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jun 4, 2004
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      >From: Per Fischer <fischer@...>
      > >Chivalry & Sorcery? TFOS? Synnibar? Zero? ;-)
      >Nope, sorry, I had to rely in those days on what the local game shops
      >could provide (but I got Mike Pondsmith to mail me a copy of Theatrix
      >in 1995 after I was his host at a Danish convention, if that helps ;)
      >But Pendragon, SW D6, BESM, 2020, Kult (interviewed the authors, a
      >Swedish couple), Earthdawn, Dark Conspiracy, Conspiracy X and a
      >handful of Danish games.

      I was just kidding. But it's interesting to see that you have Theatrix

      >I don't think it says much about me as a roleplayer, really, I was
      >never pleased with any of them, except maybe Pendragon, which was
      >well done and coherent. I did play as a player in a D&D 3rd campaign
      >a couple of years ago, but that was awful. I hated it, I am not too
      >comfortable with that kind of fantasy, whatever that is.

      I'm going to go out on a limg and guess that you're going to like it around

      >I have heard of Zero mentioned, but never Synnibar.

      The World of Synnibar, I mentioned in jest as it is widely regarded as the
      "Plan Nine From Outer Space" of RPGs. If that doesn't register, what it
      means is that it's bandied about as the worst RPG ever - it's not, there are
      worse that I could point out. But it's bad in such smashing form as to be a
      classic in it's own right (though deadEarth is a more recent contender for
      the title). I'd actually have been extrememly surprised if you'd run it.

      >It's ok, I've got something called IRCle, seems to work OK.

      Perfect then. Dice will be no problem. Just ask about the syntax for getting
      a roll when you get online. Check in there any time, people are there at all
      sorts of odd times.

      >Then there is the ever-present time factor, as I am GMT and most of
      >you guys are probably in the US somewhere.

      That's somewhat more of a problem. Usually that means playing on weekend
      days. Players here start at maybe noon, and you start at 5 PM or so
      (sometimes earlier). I might be able to do that, myself, though not every

      Actually it's a lot easier than trying to organize a game with the Aussies
      and Kiwis we have here. :-)


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