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2953RE: [indie-netgaming] Sorcerer

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  • Per Fischer
    Jun 3, 2004
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      RE: [indie-netgaming] Sorcerer

      Thanks for the response. I am still waiting for my Sorcerer book (due today), so no big hurry ;)

      My name's Per, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but was born in Denmark. I am a journalist.
      Started RP in a late age in 1986, with D&D and quickly moved to CoC, and eventually gobbled up any new system I could get my hands on. Storyteller was a favorite for a while, I loved Mage 1ed, and I have run Shadowrun, GURPS, Falkenstein, you name it :)
      I have been a keen scenario writer on the Danish RPG scene since 1992, and was the lead writer on a computer RPG (with a real GM) that sadly got sold off and closed by the new owners. The game was called Aeropa: Fall of the Covenant, and I wrote the setting as well. I have of course fiddled with my own game designs as well ;)
      Recently I have discovered The Forge and Indy roleplaying, especially Narrative gaming, and I am keen to learn more.
      My online RP experience is MUSH a long time ago and OpenRPG, where I have played in a couple of games. But I don't need the OpenRPG interface, which seems more targeted at Gamist RP.
      Regarding the dice roller, I am on a Mac with OS X, so I guess I will only be able to use the "in-house" dice roller? How does it work?

      So, that's me in a few words, hope it was useful :)


      We played some PBEM once a long time ago. It went very well, I thought,
      short as it was.

      I was prepared to play in another game of Sorcerer in IRC, but that fell
      through after chargen.

      So, I can't report any good news, myself. But, that said, I don't think that
      it was Sorcerer at all that was the problem. I think Sorcerer would work
      brilliantly in IRC, actually. We've played other games like Sorcerer in
      terms of dice, and with the bot we have, it works just fine.

      I might be interested in playing in a Sorcerer game, but I'd need more info
      before committing. Like who are you, Peter? :-)

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