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2951RE: [indie-netgaming] Sorcerer

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jun 2 2:14 PM
      >From: Per Fischer <fischer@...>
      >Did anyone play Sorcerer in IRC mode? How did it go, what about dice
      >and is there anybody out there willing to give it another go?

      We played some PBEM once a long time ago. It went very well, I thought,
      short as it was.

      I was prepared to play in another game of Sorcerer in IRC, but that fell
      through after chargen.

      So, I can't report any good news, myself. But, that said, I don't think that
      it was Sorcerer at all that was the problem. I think Sorcerer would work
      brilliantly in IRC, actually. We've played other games like Sorcerer in
      terms of dice, and with the bot we have, it works just fine.

      I might be interested in playing in a Sorcerer game, but I'd need more info
      before committing. Like who are you, Peter? :-)


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