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  • bigblackcatmail
    Mar 1, 2004
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      I wanted you to know that my hiatus from the Friday game may go on
      longer than expected. I had a hard-drive failure on my computer at
      home which I think I've mentioned before. The good news is that I've
      installed a spiffy new hard-drive but (and here's the big "aw,
      man...") the bad news is my anti-virus program isn't letting me
      update anymore. So, internet at my house is a no-no until I get my
      new AV software in. I should be getting my new copy of the software
      in a couple of weeks. This is all likely for the best as my old anti-
      virus software was over 4 years old and *really* needed an update.

      At this time, I'm keeping up with things online via work (on my
      breaks) and using the computers at school (which is where I am right
      now). My computer at home is running, but I positively won't use it
      to surf the net unless I have virus protection.

      Please feel free to use and abuse my character as you see fit,
      including Serama, the sidekick. As I said before, I'll be keeping up
      as I can via the writeups on this thread. I trust you guys to do
      what's in the best interest of the story. I look forward to coming
      back later this month. Sorry about the inconvenience. This is a bad
      time for this to happen, but it's something that needs/needed to be


      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Holmes"
      <homeydont@h...> wrote:
      > >From: "bigblackcatmail" <bigblackcatmail@y...>
      > >I don't know if you've received my email or not, Mike. But I
      won't be able
      > >to attend this Friday (sort of worked out for both of us there)
      or the
      > >following Friday (the 27th).
      > >
      > >Scott
      > Yep, I got it. Just getting around to responding to a lot of mail
      today. I
      > was at a local Con for the last four days, and not able to really
      get to my
      > mail.
      > In any case, the game is still on for the 27th, we'll just have to
      > around Lhan not being able to respond (using the same heavy handed
      > that I did for Thomas last week if I have to). I hate to leave
      > "behind" but there are so many alternates that I hate to miss a
      week if I
      > don't have to. It'll all work out.
      > Mike
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