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1904Re: Fwd: Re: [indie-netgaming] Unsung: SWAT

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  • Mike Holmes
    Aug 1, 2003
      It's Undecided, as in he's untested, and hasn't found out whether he's got
      guts or not, yet. Like it's a decision he's yet to make. As such I'd think
      it would be handled much like you state for Uncertain gaining the bonus as
      long as he remains on the fence about things.

      BTW, can descriptors change?


      >From: Kirt Dankmyer aka Loki <kirt.dankmyer@...>

      > >Cool -- I particularly like the Guts Descriptor of "Uncertain" -- the way
      > >I'd see it, it'd give a +1 bonus to Guts when Ricky is hesitating, which
      > >think is neat.
      >Whoops, I mis-read that. Seems the descriptor is "Undecided". Did you meant
      >you haven't decided on a Descriptor yet? ;-D
      > -Loki

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