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1418Shogun: Total SOAP Josh-1june03

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  • Joshua Kashinsky
    Jun 1, 2003
      Where: Shogun's Court
      What: Jiro stands next to a hooded figure, Jiro's father behind both of them. The Shogun sits in his usual seat, and the courtiers who happened to be present when Jiro's father asked for the audience stand along the wall, nervous. After a short conversation, Shusaka removes his hood, to the gasps of all along the wall.
      Jiro: "Shogun, although my father requested this meeting with you, it was at my behest. There have been several attempts on the lives of those in this court, not least of which your daughters. While the brutal murder of your eldest daughter was thought to ahve been committed by Shusaka, I am convinced that he is innocent, and this man here can support me"
      Hooded Figure: "Shogun, Shusaka-san was framed for the murder of your daughter by his son Yoshi, who sought after his own glory. Even after you had Shusaka in prison, there were other attempts made, even one made against Midori-san. My son, Yoshi, was the cause of these attacks, and here is my proof!"
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