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1051Re: Sorcerer & Sword - sounds like a plan!

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  • rod_cartoonist
    May 2, 2003
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      No problem, Chris -- unless it happens to you a lot! Was it just
      an IRC issue, or something with your server, or? It does make
      me wonder if it would be worthwhile to set up a "contingency
      plan" that would enable us to move the game from one venue to
      another quickly, so a technical problem doesn't have to be a
      frustrating brick wall.

      In any case, go ahead and e-mail me your write-up. I've got my
      backstory mojo on, I'm comin' up with Bangs, it's goin' good.
      There is one issue with your character though. Since the
      adventure is taking place on his "home turf", there's going to be
      some characters who he would already know fairly well. Which
      raises the question:

      Do you want me to write you up a briefing on who your character
      knows and what their deals are? or,

      Would you rather it be revealed to you, the player, as game
      circumstances dictate? Doing it this way means you get to
      "discover" these folks as an audience member, but you will have
      to be able to improvise and accommodate new stuff that your
      character "already knew, of course". Let me know what you think
      of all this.


      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "bankuei" <
      bankuei@e...> wrote:
      > Sorry about last night guys, network went down on me
      > something nasty. Let me know if you want to take some more
      > time IRC or email to email to write up characters and set up for
      > play.
      > Chris
      > --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "rod_cartoonist"
      > <rod_cartoonist@y...> wrote:
      > > Hokay, then! If Ed can be cajoled, I've got three players and I'll
      > close the list
      > > there. If it turns out that he's really out, then I could add
      > someone in his place,
      > > if anyone wants in.
      > >
      > > It sounds like we'll go ahead and play on Thursday, weekly
      > except for one
      > > night a month -- when will that be, Mike?
      > >
      > > In any case, I'll be in #indie_ooc at 8 then. Chris, Ed, think
      > can be there
      > > tonight for discussing the game, hopefully getting some
      > character concepts
      > > out there?
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Rod
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