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1039Re: Sorcerer & Sword solicitation!

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  • bankuei
    May 1, 2003
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      Hi Rod,

      I've been a long time lurker on this, and I'm finally going to break
      down and play online. I really dig the FF idea, since I also own
      that book and it took but a minute for me to get some exciting
      character concepts going.

      I'm sorry, what days and times are you looking at playing?


      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "rod_cartoonist"
      <rod_cartoonist@y...> wrote:
      > Okay, I want to pitch a Sorcerer & Sword concept here.
      > (To Mike: we had talked earlier about some ideas I had for
      > Sorcerer, but I kept feeling burdened by the sense that I wasn't
      > really doing something I wanted to do -- I wasn't getting that
      > "Fuck yeah!" moment from it. I started reading Sorcerer &
      > again, and felt my way to a concept that buzzed me a lot more;
      > what follows represents a substantial departure from what I
      > discussed with you!)
      > So, what I want to do is Sorcerer & Sword straight out of the
      > book. In the context of pitching a game to a mailing list,
      > I'll take a little more upon myself creatively than is suggested in
      > the book, in the hopes of jazzing some folks enough to come
      > board and play. Here goes . . .
      > The Characters:
      > Larger-than-life heroes with a flair for reckless adventure and
      > cheeky outrage. Their personal power as sorcerers gives
      > the wherewithal to call their own shots, stick their necks out
      > express their personalities without restraint.
      > The World:
      > Xuphia, a rococo funhouse of sensory extravagance. People
      > in opulent cities of gingerbread palaces and clockwork
      > contraptions, or in strange little communities with a visual/
      > conceptual bang ("Here's the town that's full of birdcages";
      > "Here's the town that hangs from the underside of a cliff").
      > Between one city and the next are grotesque or sublime
      > wildernesses of big, dramatic terrain, bursting with color,
      > Old Ones rule pagan courts from deep forest or high
      > mountaintop. It's a world where people embark
      > on grand, fate-tempting schemes, and if they tumble down,
      > and bear it with a sardonic wisecrack. Here and there, too, you
      > may find a ruined castle or a rusty, weed-grown automaton --
      > colorful shards of broken dreams that may yet be assembled
      > into a new design.
      > The Look:
      > Baroque, over-the-top, Technicolor fantasy. See the book "The
      > of Final Fantasy IX" as a style reference for places and objects;
      > you might even choose to envision the characters in
      > cartoon style. Of note, humanity is more than usually plastic in
      > Xuphia; someone might have blue skin, or scales, or the head
      > an animal and still be human. To be "Inhuman" is to get into
      > really weird effects, such as having fire for hair, or being
      > translucent.
      > The Demons:
      > Demons in Xuphia are ostentatious, dramatic, and as
      > of their own personalities as the sorcerers who bind them.
      > may be True Demons hailing from mystic otherworlds, or Old
      > Ones and Pagan Things who "went native" in our reality a long
      > time ago. They're generally Passers (defined liberally, as with
      > the demons from the Clicking Sands setting in the S&S book)
      > Inconspicuous Demons (defined as very small but having
      > definite material bodies).
      > Whatever the case, all demons have a strong
      > theme, be it one of the four classical elements, or something
      > animalistic, or natural -- thus you might have a fire demon, or a
      > spider demon, or a mountain demon . . . or something more
      > abstract, like a demon of decay, or despair. Demons with like
      > themes consider themselves related, and may talk "family
      > business", or squabble with each other, or whatever.
      > Let's add one more type of demon: Some sorcerers verse
      > themselves in clockworks and craftsmanship to make and
      > Object Demons, in the form of toys, tools, weapons or what you
      > will. Whether these Demons are called by the sorcerer from
      > beyond or actually created from whole cloth is a matter for
      > scholars; the end result is the same. Whatever their form,
      > Xuphian Object Demons are oversized, overwrought and have
      > moving parts even if they don't need any.
      > That's the pitch as it stands for now. I'm eager to hear from
      > anyone who'd like to give it a try! As far as venue and
      > goes, I would like to game in the #indierpg IRC room, and my
      > preferred days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday or
      > sometime between 7-10 pm CDT (in international time, that's
      > GMT -6).
      > Rod
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