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1034Re: Sorcerer & Sword solicitation!

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  • rod_cartoonist
    May 1, 2003

      Quickly, since I'm at work:

      Yes to both Roger Dean and the Final Fantasy Aeons -- those are great visual
      references. ("Yes to Roger Dean" -- hee hee)

      Humanity in Xuphia will be straight from the S&S book. The "Lotusland"
      Humanity issues we talked about are filed away for use in a different, more
      Gothic setting.

      Sorcery in Xuphia is *big* and requires a lot of physical work, along the lines
      of erecting standing stones, waving banners and things like that. Even if
      you're not performing cooperative sorcery, you typically need confidants to
      help you fulfill the ritual requirements. When a demon is summoned, the
      effects are dramatic -- earthquakes, spontaneous combustion of nearby
      trees, swarms of hornets -- so a good source for sorcerous Humanity rolls is
      simply putting your confidants at physical risk. (Or allowing the Demon to take
      Need from your confidant.) Alternate possibilities are assembling ritual
      materials by stealing them from your friends, or throwing an orgy and using
      it to generate the sorcerous energy for a summoning, leaving the
      participants sick and drained.


      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Holmes" <homeydont@h...>
      > Rod,
      > Very nice setting description. I'm getting a real Roger Dean vibe
      > (http://www.rogerdean.com/). Which is a world that I've always wanted to
      > travel.
      > On demons, the visual I get is the Final Fantasy Aeons. Is this what you're
      > going for? Are Sorcerers "out" in this world? Or can you take the Old One or
      > Immanent demon types from S&S?
      > Now on to the heart of the matter, however. Is Humanity the same as what
      > discussed? Refraining from using people to achieve your goals. Or is it in
      > this case being able to resist the temptations of the lush world? What do
      > demons push you to do, typically? And what does Sorcery look like? In the
      > first example of Humanity, I'd think it would be something like offering up
      > something taken from another person including abstract things like their
      > dignity. In the latter Id guess something more like just doing extremely
      > hedonistic things.
      > Very curious to see where this goes.
      > Mike
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