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  • oceaniaproject
    May 24, 2002
      Woo-Hoo! first on board. Like making first tracks on the ski hill.

      OK, I am interested in running my new game tentatively called the
      Self System. I am thinking PBEM for it, and I'll probably set up
      another Yahoo Group to get it going. Self Sytem is a generic
      Narativist System. The first thing the group does is to establish a
      premise and a Setting. I like it to be something involving an intense
      political scene in a fantasy world, though that can be worked out
      later, and I am flexible.

      Anyone interested? I'd like from two to four players. Dedicated only,
      please; I don't want anyone who can't commit to posting regularly.
      Probably a minimum of two posts per week. I can't stand the pace that
      slower games go at.

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