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RE: [indica-users] Re: life of an engine / car

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  • mehta anil
    Hi All There is no simple formula that tappit adjustment or FIP calibration will decrease the noise. A good workshop / mechanic should be able to judge what is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2003
      Hi All

      There is no simple formula that tappit adjustment or FIP calibration will
      decrease the noise. A good workshop / mechanic should be able to judge what
      is the remedy for a particular ailment - whether it is a petrol or diesel
      engined car.

      Filling up fuel at a known good petrol pump, getting the car checked /
      serviced regularly at a good workshop having less than the magic figure of
      40 cars per day(and hence having enough time to do justice to the cars come
      in) driving the car delicately etc, all add to the performance and life of
      the car. A simple adjustment known as rpm & anti-stall adjustment does
      wonders to the pickup and mileage and consequently noise level also. It
      takes just 10 minutes.

      Engine oil and coolant leakages (known ailments of the Indica) add to the
      wear and tear on the engine. Blown fuses and wiring connectors' burns and
      melted rubber / plastic parts are a frequent effect of the high temperatures
      at which a diesel engine works. The radiator & a/c fans consequently konk
      off frequently, adding to the temperature rise in the engine. Front heavy
      plays havoc with the suspension and wheel alignment while negotiating speed
      breakers and khuds. Other problems are same as any car. But the known
      problems of Indica or diesel engines are somethings that the owner/driver
      should look out for and check and correct regularly. The moment the
      temperature guage goes up beyond the normal mid-mark while driving, the car
      should be stopped immmediately and attended.

      A blown fuse or fluid leakage should not be simply replaced. The cause
      should be investigated and attended, before simply replacing.Any new sound
      or noise or feel of the car deserves a checkup. It is like a frig working
      away with a blown thermostat. The compressor is bound to konk off in no time
      at all.

      Regular check and care adds to the life of the car and its engine and other
      systems. I see no reason why the car should not run 1.25 or 1.5 lakh kms
      before requiring a engine overhaul.


      Anil Mehta
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      -dear anil
      have you heard of purging of fuel system or what it is known as
      decarbonising the engine in petrol engine this is similar to that
      for disel engines it is carried out by popular brand of WYANNS
      liquid pls contact vijay kumar or lakshminarayan at 8370853 854 in
      bangalore test it and your feedback will be informative to the group

      with rgds
      -- In indica-users@yahoogroups.com, anil daniel <anilsam_98@y...>
      > Hi,
      > I am not sure about how much life the indica engine
      > has. My car has done 62000 kilometers in 30 months. My
      > car gives me on average of 17-18 kilometers. On
      > highways alone, I get 20 km per liter.
      > Engine life mainly depends on how you drive.
      > The main point in usage of engine oil additive is to
      > get as much life as possible than thinking that the
      > engine is going to give only two lakhs/one lack
      > kilometer and then doing nothing to get more.
      > Mr Ram might be right since he has worked with
      > prerana. But, I am a customer who has done almost 93
      > km in a day on average. I do 58 Km to 90 km a day in
      > almost every working day since 2001 March. I know how
      > much noise my vehicle was making and how many times I
      > have escalated the same to Telco. I know how much
      > smoother my vehicle has become after the tuning done.
      > It used to be very rough with lot of vibrations and
      > noise.
      > I do not think that the noise that it was making is
      > gone due to a miracle that has happened with in my
      > engine. But one thing I am clear about is this. I use
      > the diesel from one particular BP pump only. I always
      > put the diesel additive. I do never put diesel from
      > any other pumps except when travelling. Even at other
      > places I stick to BP pumps. I am not very sure they
      > are adulterated or not. But, diesel quality is not the
      > only reason why the engine is making noise. It can be
      > many other parameters.
      > There is no point in getting the engine tuning done if
      > you are not sure which one is making noise. I have
      > made sure every other parameter is perfect before
      > doing this engine tuning. This was done with in the
      > warranty period it self and hence I did not pay a
      > single rupee. I got my pump calibration done with in
      > warranty. Then there was the exhaust circuit cleaning.
      > The cat converter was changed with in warranty. (45000
      > km in 1.5 yrs)
      > As per Telco service guys, the above can add to the
      > noise and vibration that engine makes. As a customer I
      > have to believe them. I do not suggest any of you to
      > do the engine tuning just because I have got the noise
      > reduced. Please make sure that everything else is
      > right before anybody doing this.
      > Then, at the last, the whole thing called noise is
      > relative thing. The sound level that you feel as noise
      > might not be noise for me. May be that my car was
      > making more noise than any other car and I got this
      > changed. If the noise in any car is same as the noise
      > that my car makes, I might say that other car is
      > alright. Or, when the noise that my car makes is more
      > than others, then my car is noisy.
      > When shown to a few friends of mine, who owns an
      > indica, they had told me that my car makes more noise
      > than theirs. That is where I started looking in to
      > the issue.
      > Concord charged around 700 for the tuning alone. The
      > timing belt change was done as per schedule at 50000
      > kilometer...I have to check the bills for the cost.
      > Regards
      > Anil
      > --- rejika <reji_kumar@h...> wrote:
      > > Hi Anil,
      > >
      > > How much does it cost you to do tappent adj and
      > > timing belt change ?
      > >
      > > How much life one can expect from the Indica Diesel
      > > Engine ? Doest it
      > > last for more then 1 lakh without ovelhaul ?
      > > My DLE has done 41K and the engine noise is pretty
      > > high.
      > >
      > > -reji
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In indica-users@yahoogroups.com, anil daniel
      > > <anilsam_98@y...> wrote:
      > > > Hi,
      > > >
      > > > Some comments with respect to Engine noise.
      > > >
      > > > Mine is a 2001 March model DLS. I had the
      > > same
      > > > issues with noise. But, ever since I got my engine
      > > > tuned (tappet adjustments----I guess the spelling
      > > is
      > > > right!) at 50000KM (along with timing belt
      > > change),
      > > > the engine noise has come down a lot.
      > >
      > >
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