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  • borkars
    30.4.2000 Dear friends, My thanks to Mr. Vijay Machale, Mr. Lawrence and everyone who support a progressive and positive approach as regards better health of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000

      Dear friends,

      My thanks to Mr. Vijay Machale, Mr. Lawrence and everyone who support
      a progressive and positive approach as regards better health of Indica is
      concerned. I have noted gladly that Telco will put our cars in good
      condition before expiry of guarantee period. Plus, should anything remain,
      the same will even be attended after the guarantee, as a gesture of
      goodwill. If Telco will keep the word, rich compliments are extended in

      In a letter dt.21.4.00 mention about plugs being made available by Telco
      for closing gaps at the bottom of B pillar and also below dashboard, is a
      welcome development. I will collect them for my car. I draw Telco's
      attention to other gaps. Just open front doors - say driver's side. Just
      below the lower hinge there is a triangular open pocket seen. This will
      collect water during rains. Would Telco provide caps/plugs to close them as
      well ?

      I share a practice with you. Keep a square, flat box of 'Odonil' in the
      ashtray in the front dashboard. When you park the car, keep ashtray open.
      So when you return back car inside is fragrant and no bad smell of
      fuel/pollution etc. No need of fancy bottles of perfumes and sprays which
      induce headaches.

      A frequent complaint noted is regarding improper attention given at service
      station. Well, I had my share too. I first went to Concorde at Bombay. They
      were very nice, efficient but a BUSIER PLACE. Plus much of their valueable
      time is misused by car-owners. Mornings when cars come in for service, I
      saw the service engineer standing near car but owner sudddenly starts
      fiddling his
      cellphone and that goes on for easily 15-20 minutes. Add to that occasional
      Gutka in mouth which gets sprayed on the face of service engineer. This
      does NOT happen always but is a frequent scene (dirty !!). The scene
      resulted in more waiting. I then went to Aden Auto at Goregaon. Owner and
      engineer are fine but lower mechanics lacked enthusiasm. I then shifted to
      Car Torque at Andheri (against which there are complaints) but somehow I
      always got most prompt and efficient service. Unless I get any experience
      otherwise, I will stay there. That way, I have solved service/repairs
      problems to a very large extent. Members may try different nearby service
      stations and they will get a right man and right service. Feel happy with
      less hassels. Ultimately we have got to remember work-culture in India and
      live with it. Efforts in finding solution
      are more rewarding than just screaming and abusing each other and Telco.

      Queries for Mr. Vijay Machale -(1)Regarding sudden jerks in 2/3 gears, I
      tried a small remedy. When jerks come, gently press the clutch and release
      (ensure you don't press accelerator simulatneously). Jerks stops.
      Incidentally, why does it happen, even when car is in appropriate gear,
      speed and AC is not on ? Further, it is not regular. Sometimes it shows
      and sometimes there is no problem. I suspect the clutch mechanism. (2)What
      is FICD as relating to Air Conditioning ? (3) If present Indica is Euro-I,
      what things are required additionally to make it Euro-II ? Diesel of Ultra
      Low Sulphur grade and Catalytic Converters if already in our cars etc. -
      some more information please. (4) Mr. Ritesh Arora had mentioned sometime
      back that a KIT being available in Delhi for converting the car in 5-speed.
      What is it ? Some details, please. (5) I wish to instal a regulator to
      control the AC temperature in DLE model. Is it allowed and possible ? I
      have seen many Padmini users having 2 knobs for their AC. One for fan speed
      and another for adjusting the temperature. (6) Some tips on cleaning of
      condensor fins ?

      So, along with fragrance and cleaner fuels if our correspondence remains
      matching them, I am confident we will achieve better results. Happy Motoring.

      Thank you
      Yours sincerely
      V. M. Borkar
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