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      Colonial Event at Arkansas Post From: ed_laurine@...



      Colonial Event at Arkansas Post

      Posted by: "ed_laurine@..." ed_laurine@...   edandlaurine

      Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:15 am (PST)

      To All:

      The yearly colonial event at Arkansas Post National Memorial is Friday thru Sunday, March 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2009. This area of Arkansas near the confluence of the White, Arkansas and Mississippi rivers was occupied over the millenniums by several Tribes, the last being the Quapaw Tribe, prior to and during European Colonial times. The French European Colonial time period begins with the arrival of Marquette & Joliet in the 1600's, Spanish control following the end of the F&I War, and a quick change of ownership to Napoleonic France at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

      Arkansas Post National Memorial, a Federal Park (there is also a nearby State Park), is located in southeastern Arkansas near the towns of Dumas to the south and Gillet to the north.

      For more information contact Park Interpreter Jodi Morris at 870-548-2207 (jodi.morris@ nps.gov).

      See you there!

      Ed Williams
      H: 501-666-4304

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