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287May recreation schedule!!

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  • kimberly
    Apr 18, 2011
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      Indian Lakes Press

      Indian Lakes is ready to begin the camping season with a bang!New recreation director, Kimberly Meadows, has big plans for the summer!So get ready for food, fun and crazy good entertainment all summer long!

      Easter Eggstravaganza

      Come celebrate Easter beginning April 23rd with evening egg dying in the family lodge at 6pm...we have to make sure we have beautiful eggs for the Easter Bunny to adore! Peter Cottontail will be hopping down Indian Lakes Trails straight to the the family lodge at noon so don't miss out! I think the bunny is going to show us how to hop, hop, hop like a pro! Also on Saturday hundreds of eggs will be hidden for the kiddos to fill up their baskets with! Keep an eye out for the GOLDEN EGG....it holds something special for the one who seeks it out. After we are finished with the super fun egg hunt we are going to play an old fashioned game of egg racing!!! I can't wait!

      Dear Mom, who loves ya?

      WE DO! It is time to celebrate the greatest woman in your life....your mom. Dust off those golf carts because it's the first parade of the year! We are celebrating MOM!!!Saturday at 6:30...we roll in style. Beginning on the 6th we are going to make our moms something super special. Meet Miss Kim in the Family lodge at 5 and bring your creative minds with you!!! We are gonna have a terrific time creating something mom will adore! Moms, we didn't forget about you!! How about a relaxing game of bingo to start off the weekend right. Meet up at 7pm in the family lodge and we will bingo till our bingo's can't bingo no mo'.

      Saturday moms get some R&R while I grab the kiddies to finish our special surprise! Kiddies, meet Miss Kim at the family lodge at 11am so we can finish moms super special gift! Dads, your job is to pack up the picnic baskets because at 12:30 we are having a family picnic on the lawn. We will spread out our blankets on the grassy knoll next to the big playground. Moms, kick back, relax let the kiddies play and have some great convo with your picnic neighbors!Mama put on your best dancin' shoes and head to your gussied up golf cart...it is time to celebrate YOU! Meet up at 6:00 by the tennis courts and lets have a PARADE!!! Best dressed golf cart that shows your love for mom gets a prize!!!! We will be parading straight to the dance floor for a great night of boogie woogie oogie to finish it off!!! DJ starts at 8! Sunday it's breakfast with mom at the store! Nothin' says love like not makin' mom cook!

      It's BBQ Time!

      You can't have the perfect summer without a good ole' fashioned BBQ! Yummo! Weekend starts off on Friday the 13th with crafts for the kiddies, hope your not superstitious....oooo'. Meet Miss Kim at the Family lodge at 5pm and we will get our craft on! Later the adults can join in for some BINGO at 7pm at the family lodge. Saturday get up and start cooking your famous recipe BBQ treat...were goin' head to head to see who is the BBQ king or queen of the lake. We will all meet at the pavilion to stuff ourselves silly at 5:30pm! Winner to be crowned after Kiddie Karaoke from 6-8, same spot! TAG, you're it!!! Golf cart tag! Be at the grassy knoll by the big playground at 1pm with your game face on were gonna tag em' and bag em'!

      Cornholeoleoleo!Yup, that's right a great game of water balloon corn hole is gonna' cool off the hot day at the beach! Meet up at 3:30 and let the water games begin! Get those vocal chords ready cause' at 8pm it is adults only KARAOKE!!! What a day!

      Ladies get your side buns on!

      "Luke I am your father" Haha! It is Empire Strikes Back at Indian Lakes!!! Beginning Friday the 20th, meet up at the amphitheater for some popcorn and a spaced out flick, Star Wars!! Movie starts at dark. All you Trekkie's get your gear out, were havin' a best dressed Star Wars contest, golf carts included! Space out your golf cart and you just might become the next Jedi! Were paradin' down the road at 1pm for an intergalactic ride! Meet up at the family lodge with your spaced out buggy and we are gonna' fly! A great Jedi must have awesome navigational skills so meet up at 3 by the beach for a spaced out scavenger hunt. Head to the pavilion at 6pm for best dressed contest and Kiddie Karaoke till 8. Adult Karaoke from 8-11, maybe we will bust out some Mr. Roboto. By the end of the day you will be totally spaced out!

      Memorial Day weekend is here!

      Wear your patriotic colors all weekend long and deck out those camp sites, I feel a contest a brewin'! Most patriotic site will be announced Sunday eve. Beginning Friday the 27th me and the Kiddos are going to get crafty in the Family Lodge at 5. Bingo at 7 for the adults! Our day starts at 11am with some good old boot camp! Test your obstacle skills, meet up at the beach and see how tough you are! It's an American Pie showdown at the pavilion, 1:30 bring your best apple pie and win a sweet treat! Winner to be announced before Diamondback hits the stage Sat. night! Wacky golf cart croquet at the ball fields! At 3pm it is game on! This will be a game of croquet

      you will never forget! 5:30 it cools down with some red, white and blue water balloon battle!!! Meet at the beach and be ready to drench or be drenched! Dry off and head to the pavilion at 8pm for some Diamondback! Ohhhh no, the weekend isn't over yet! Sunday we PLAY BALL! That's right, take me out to the ballgame! Popcorn and hotdogs for all! At 11am the first pitch will be thrown by the most patriotic site winner! Are you HOT, HOT, HOT? Come on over by the pool at 2 for some apple bobbing, winner with the most apples gets a prize! Not wet enough??? Come on over to the grassy knoll by the playground at 4 for a water relay race! Grab a partner cause were teamin' up, winner takes all! Go grab your dancin' shoes and meet up at 8pm at the pavilion and show us your groovy moves! Monday morning we will end our super fun weekend by holding a flag raising ceremony to honor our fallen Veterans.


      Sunday Monday: The quack is back!!! Little rubber duckies have once again taken over Indian Lakes. Find a duck, turn it in to the store and get a Popsicle!

      Sunday Monday: Trash for cash! We are going green this year! Help us keep the park beautiful! All recycled material that can be turned into cash will go into something fun and new for recreation! We will all have a vote on what will be our new addition! Help us keep Indian Lakes beautiful and clean!

      Wednesday Saturday: Join the walking warriors every morning at 8am. We will meet at the store and then hit a trail for some great get the day started exercise!

      Wednesdays Low impact exercise. Great for keeping that body moving without leaving your seat! Bring a ball about the size of a basketball and lets work it out!! Every Wednesday at 10am in the Family lodge.

      Thursdays: Indian lakes photography meet-up group! We will meet up in the Family lodge at 11am for weekly photography challenges. Your photo could be the the photo of the week and posted on the Indian Lakes blog for everyone to admire!

      Thursdays: Indian lakes artists meet-up group. No matter what your medium or talent, bring your materials and meet up at 2pm at the Family Lodge. Lets create art together! An exhibit of our work will be held as a part of a weekend event this summer!






      Phone directory

      Country Store: 812-934-4767

      Ranger Station: 812-934-5693

      Recreation: 812-812-934-5392

      Sales: 812-934-5392

      Local Radio: WRBI 103.9

      Local Television Channels

      NBC 5 - ABC 9 - CBS 12 - FOX 19 - PBS 48

      STAR 64

      Local interest

      Morris Post Office: L-onto st. rd. 46 (2.5 mi. on the left from park).

      Batesville Post Office: L- onto st. rd. 46, L- on 229, R- on George (6.4 mi from park).

      Margret Mary Hosp.: L- on st. rd. 46, L- on Mitchell, (6 mi from park).

      Vet. Clinic: L- on st. rd. 46, R- Tekulve (3rd light, 4.9 mi. from park).

      Kroger: L- on st. rd. 46, R- 229 on the left (6 mi. from park).

      Pamida Discount Store: L- on st. rd. 46, R- on 229 on the right (6 mi. from park).

      Wal-Mart: L- on st. rd. 46, R- on 229, L- onto I 74 West to Greensburg exit, L- off exit. (on left).

      Public Library: L- on st. rd. 46, L- on 229 (6 mi. from park)

      Brau Haus Restaurant: L- on st. rd. 46, R- on 229, R- on Pocket rd. (7.6 miles from park).

      Brookville Flea Market: R- on st. rd. 46, L- on st. rd. 1, L- on US 52 on R (Whites Farm).