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  • kimberly
    Apr 18, 2011

      Sunday Monday: The quack is back!!! Little rubber duckies have once again taken over Indian Lakes. Find a duck, turn it in to the store and get a Popsicle!

      Sunday Monday: Trash for cash! We are going green this year! Help us keep the park beautiful! All recycled material that can be turned into cash will go into something fun and new for recreation! We will all have a vote on what will be our new addition! Help us keep Indian Lakes beautiful and clean!

      Wednesday Saturday: Join the walking warriors every morning at 8am. We will meet at the store and then hit a trail for some great get the day started exercise!

      Wednesdays Low impact exercise. Great for keeping that body moving without leaving your seat! Bring a ball about the size of a basketball and lets work it out!! Every Wednesday at 10am in the Family lodge.

      Thursdays: Indian lakes photography meet-up group! We will meet up in the Family lodge at 11am for weekly photography challenges. Your photo could be the the photo of the week and posted on the Indian Lakes blog for everyone to admire!

      Thursdays: Indian lakes artists meet-up group. No matter what your medium or talent, bring your materials and meet up at 2pm at the Family Lodge. Lets create art together! An exhibit of our work will be held as a part of a weekend event this summer!