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Query regarding Crossover altitude

Dear all, I was trying to read and understand the concept of crossover altitude (where you change over from IAS climb speed to Mach climb speed). As per my
Sep 23

Re: [indianaviators.com] Which pilot wouldn't want this? :)

Yes Rama. Automation is gaining momentum now. With GAGAN in place, India has joined the elite club of augmented GPS applications. ICAO has accepted the role of
Ravi Bali
Aug 11

Which pilot wouldn't want this? :)

http://bit.ly/1JSELbH... brilliant stuff! Ramapriya Empower your Business with BlackBerry® and Mobile Solutions from Etisalat
Aug 10

One for freighter pilots

Attached is a readable ATSB treatise on takeoff performance calculation and entry errors that would have especial relevance to pilots who ferry cargo. Cheers,
Jun 7
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    ATSB TO performance calculation and global errors.doc

Re: For some fun on a Sunday afternoon

Dear Rama As usual your inputs are amazing! Thanks for the information if i find any funny behaviour with my engines or controls i shall be very careful about
Uday Kolhatkar
May 27

For some fun on a Sunday afternoon

Seems awfully implausible but then stranger things have happened... [begin] A security researcher hijacked an airplane's engines after hacking its in-flight
May 17

Re: Question for aircraft techies

Rizwan sir, Please let me know the routes you fly, it would be really nice to be able to confidently face paternity DNA tests!!  Warm regards, Ravi From:
Ravi Asrani
May 16

Re: Question for aircraft techies

Hello Mate.. Straightforward answer to your question is - it's not been proved that weather radar radiation causes sterility. Weather radar radiates
K Vedaprakash Saralaya
May 7

Re: Question for aircraft techies

Rama I believe it is true... Want to try??? Lemme know next time you plan boarding my flight... I can help .... Whilst you take a few pictures of the airplane
May 6

Question for aircraft techies

Hi there, This might sound laughable but I've heard that if the Wx radar is turned on while the aircraft is on the ground and if a bloke happens to be directly
D Ramapriya
May 5

Re: Winglets : why up and npt down?

Dear sir, Considering the size of winglets, for example on the A320, I feel the reason for having upward pointing winglets could be ground clearance at the
Yahoo Mail
Apr 28

Re: [indianaviators.com] Winglets : why up and npt down?

Winglets are primarily used to reduce induced drag, caused due to span wise flow of air owing to pressure differential below and above the wing. Higher
Apr 27

Winglets : why up and npt down?

I got asked a question recently that I could only guess, but have no concrete answer. Why does Winglets on aircrafts are facing up and not down? From the
Amitabh Nag
Apr 27

Re: FDTL query

First of all after 4 days of duty... You must get your rest for the last flight prior to commencing PL.... That would be twice the flight time last flown...
Rizwan Khaleel
Apr 20

FDTL query

Dear All A question regarding FDTL If you had 4 days of duty followed by 3 days of PL, (this makes it total 7 days). Then your 8th day should be an OFF, isn't
Praveen Pillai
Apr 19
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