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3258Base64 Encoding

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  • Murali
    Oct 29 8:05 AM
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      Dear All,
      I am using the PHP version of 5.2.11. I have problem in Base64 Encoding. For Example
      $string = "kjs$)P1rj9";
      echo base64_encode($string);
       this will return  a2pzJClQMXJqOQ== . We have developed the .net application for base64 encoding this will return the same result.
      But If I assign $string = "kas$)P1$rj9";
      echo base64_encode($string);
      this will return a2FzJClQMQ== . But in .net will return a2FzJClQMSRyajk= . based on our spec .net is correct.
      Can Please help on this how to solve this problem in PHP.

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