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3133Forwarding the mail

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  • Binoy
    Nov 27, 2007

      I have written a scheduler which processes all mails from a mail account
      and the processed data will be inserted into the database. If it is
      success, I am deleting that mail from the mail account. But before
      deleting the mail , I want to forward it to a different mail account
      for future reference.

      For example if I get a mail with the subject "todays transactions" , I
      will process it and insert the required data into the db.
      After that I have to forward this to a different email id. That time,
      again I have to create a new mail with the subject
      "todays transactions" and body extracting from the current mail and if
      it has any attachments that too. Instead of all these ,
      is there any simple way to forward the mail to specified email id (By
      using message id or something )

      Any help ?

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