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GNUnify 2011

Hello, GNUnify, one of the India's biggest open source is back for its 9thyear. Organized by Pune Linux Users Group(PLUG) and the students of SICSR. The
Bhavin Desai
Feb 4, 2011

PHP and utf8

hi whenever i use a string / chars from other language, apart from english, (a select query returning such string from mysql db) my php script outputs
abhishek jain
Dec 30, 2010

(no subject)

hi friends, I am looking for a cart preferably open source which is good , and have the option for importing and exporting the orders and products etc with the
abhishek jain
Dec 17, 2010

[Commercial] PHP openings at Outsmart

Hi All, We are looking to hire the brightest and the most enthusiastic developers to help us build our web and mobile applications. These range from iPhone to
Jun 28, 2010

Re: Need urgent help

Hi, If you are not using any form or submit options in the second page. Then you can use SESSION to store the values from the second page, and then access the
koshy philip
Jun 5, 2010

Re: Need urgent help

use metod post in each form. in the second form use it as hidden varibles and pass to the next page. -- Thanks & Regards P.C.Kabeer Solutions Architect PIAZZA
pckabeer kabee
Jun 5, 2010

Re: Need urgent help

You can use a session variables, or use HTTP_POST with hidden fields.. or serialize the data to a DB/text file and unserialize it in page3 and send an email..
Krishna Shasankar
Jun 5, 2010

Need urgent help

hi, Need help. I am using a single email function with if condition which will extract values from the redirected file. I have a problem here. The email
Jun 5, 2010

Re: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in

lets see some code on how is the "Array" is being defined in the first place? ... -- Best Regards, Shoeb Surya [Non-text portions of this message have been
Shoeb Surya
Mar 23, 2010

Re: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in

Hi Shoeb, Thanks for the reply, yes, i completely agree the variable definition is the culprit here, but i dont understand why it works on my other systems
abhishek jain
Mar 23, 2010

Re: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in

Hello, Not sure how it used to work but technically, you should check the variable definition... as it is a STRING and you are trying to assign offset value of
Shoeb Surya
Mar 23, 2010

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in

Hi friends, I used to have a dedicated server, i recently bought shared hosting, immediately after that i am getting the following error message, Fatal
abhishek jain
Mar 23, 2010

Re: Email scheduling problem

Hello, Check out these tutorials http://abcphp.com/search/cron Regards Girish R ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Team abcphp.com
Mar 8, 2010

Re: Email scheduling problem

Hey you can do one thing save the user schedule details in DB and run a cron job every hour or day or minute to check any schedule greeting are there if there
kadapa rajashekhar
Mar 7, 2010

Re: Email scheduling problem

Hi, I am not sure about the exact requirement of your application, but why not change the logic a bit. Rather than dynamically updating the cron file every
Mar 6, 2010
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