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    IMPACT Ministries Board Meeting May 26, 2005 Board members present: Keith Wallace (Chairman), Connie Kelley, Mike Haynes, Mike Stucke, and Craig McNett. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2005
                                                                         IMPACT Ministries Board Meeting
                                                                                     May 26, 2005
      Board members present:  Keith Wallace (Chairman), Connie Kelley, Mike Haynes, Mike Stucke, and Craig McNett.
      The meeting was called to order by Keith with scripture reading followed with prayer led by Mike Stucke. 
      Keith opened the meeting by asking some questions that have to be addressed within the next months.
          a.  What do we want to know about the functions of our ministry?  b. Some questions about the Health Center--how many people do they       
               service and from what areas, how many hours do they serve, and how many nurses are participating at the health center.
      A concern was also expressed concerning Elders Pat Johns and Rick Barton and their pacific roll with IMPACT.  M. Stucke stated that he had
      mentioned to one of them that the board was attempting to work out some issues and possibly they could attend the meetings later.
      OLD BUSINESS:  1. The possible gift from CFC (or purchase) of the 1994 van has been completed.  We only need to have the title signed over
                                 and purchase insurance for the vehicle.  Keith will contact Glenn Boyles and ask him to handle this for us.
                             2.  Remember the luncheon from the board to honor Tim Baker, his family and the staff at 11:30 a.m. on June 2nd., at East Side
                                 Golden Corral.  Reservations for approx. 15 people will be made by Craig.
                             3.  Report by Connie that the staff meeting on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 went quite well.
                                  Jim Schooler and Tom Swinford have each agreed to serve as volunteers for IMPACT, the duties between them will
                                  be decided.
                             4.  Keith asked about information concerning the West Side Nut Club's available funds toward IMPACT.  After some
                                 discussion Keith asked that we first find out if they have any funds still available within the next three days, then
                                 we need to compile some type of budget from Lori which can be presented to their club.  Mike S. said that between he and
                                 Phyllis they will contact someone to try to see if funds are available.
                             5.  Mike Haynes stated that we need to address the question concerning the % of pay from Tim Baker's pension.
                                 We all agreed that there has never been a pension plan established, so we need to find out who drafted
                                 that original document.  The members present stated they had not agreed with Tim that he would be paid.
                                 Some arrangement has to be made--whether it's a bonus type payment; or the decision that the ministry is
                                 unable financially to do anything.  We did agree that possibly some future plan needs to be in place.      
      NEW BUSINESS:  1. Craig mentioned that Brandon Robards has expressed an interest in serving on IMPACT's board.  We decided to wait
                                 until the board has more knowledge about where God is leading this ministry, and what we need to know before
                                 inviting Brandon or Rev. Larry Rascoe to our meetings.          
      Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 2, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.  Mike Haynes closed the meeting with prayer at 6:40 p.m.
      Meeting adjourned.
      Minutes recorded by Connie Kelley:
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