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  • Keith Wallace
    Nov 8, 2005
      Following up on our Sunday conversation. I called a board meeting yesterday & everyone but one of our members attended on short notice. Phyllis spoke with Greg & he has family coming in town next week that prevents him from attending the CCDA conference. I think two of the board members will be out of town for part or all of the conference. The remaining board members are very involved in the auction & set up night is Thursday night. The conference runs from Wednesday until Saturday late afternoon. Unfortunately, no one from the board will be attending & it is a missed opportunity, but I do not think it impairs what I believe God is about to do with Impact.
      The auction is like always coming down to the wire, but God is faithful. Phyllis is to meet with Hugh, I think today. Many of the larger items we discussed he was/is to call. It is my hope, prayer & expectation that we will have a great auction. I know our board is praying & I would respectfully ask for the CFC staff to pray, if they are not already.  
      The selection committee will be getting together to work on an offer for Greg. Our entire board will review at our next board meeting currently scheduled in honor of your birthday on December 1st, if not before. This Thursday I am out of town, next Thursday is auction set up & following Thursday is Thanksgiving. As soon as we have a package we are want to offer Greg, we will bring it to the church. 
      I am sending this to you & the list serve. If you want to share or communicate anything about the elders concerns, you can reply to all. Thanks.