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RE: [immunologysupport]Melissa... Re: Why me mood!

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  • Dawn, Janessa
    Thanks Melissa! I guess I have no choice.... either keep at it, or quit and I m not a quitter! :-) Janessa ... From: melisita882003
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      Thanks Melissa! I guess I have no choice.... either keep at it, or quit and I'm not a quitter! :-)

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      Janessa, I have been feeling the same way the last five days after
      weeks of feeling so happy and optimistic. I saw my little niece
      yesterday who is eight months old and as I entertained her I
      wondered if I would always be her dear Aunt Melissa who could never
      have children. The tears well up in my eyes just thinking of it.
      However, I agree with Jenny, we have to be positive. You will have
      your baby and so will I. We are here for each other. It will get

      I know exactly what you mean about hearing about all these
      celebrities having babies. The cover of People last week was
      entitled "Baby Boom." Hang in there Janessa. All the waiting and
      sadness will be worth it!!

      Melissa R

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      > Just saw on the news that Anna Kornakova (I know I spelled that
      > wrong!) tied "the knot" and taking a break from tennis.. they say
      > there is rumor of "the pitter-patter of little tennis feet".... I
      > just in such a "why me mood"!!! I usually am ok, but this waiting
      > even be able to ttc is not fun! I don't even know if I O'd this
      > I have always O'd on CD 14... and on CD 19 I checked and did not
      > even get a medium on my predictor...then went to Nogales and did
      > take the monitor w/ me.. so I did not test for 3 days, then tested
      > when I got home and no peak, no med. no nothing! I wonder if it's
      > the Humira...I called and asked Chris when to test my cytokines
      > since my TH1 was at 57.7 last check in March, she said to wait
      > after shot #4 (2 wks after) and I'll be doing shot # 4 next
      > Geez... this seems like FOREVER! Is it just me? Or do you all go
      > through this??? I feel like such a freak for being so crazy about
      > this! I see a new pgny announced on TV and it just drives me nuts!
      > Why is life and birth so easy for some and so hard for others! I
      > know there is a lesson to be learned (since that is what I believe
      > life is about) but I just wish I could figure out what it is and
      > learn it already!!!!!!!!!
      > Thanks for letting me vent!
      > Janessa

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