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Canada Immigration with Job - SINP PROGRAM

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  • wasimauksun
    welcome to Canada, click here ! [Australia is now open!] [consulttime.jpg] Dear Prospective Client, Thank you for joining the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 31, 2012
      welcome to Canada, click here!

      Australia is now open!


      Dear Prospective Client,

      Thank you for joining the Paradigms Associates, the #1 expert in the Canadian Immigration laws and the General Skilled Immigration in particular.

      Live and work in Canada - Click Here!

      About the SINP Program - Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program
      These days, Canada is looking for young, skilled immigrants who hold a profession and work experience that can contribute to the growing Canadian economy. Applicants who fit the requirements can receive an immigration visa for them and for their families, and start a new life in Canada, the NEW land of opportunity! ( Read more about the SINP Program)

      We are offering the following Canadian immigration visa review services:
      • Our team of immigration experts will help you optimize your application and maximize your chances to get enough points for an Canadian visa.
      • We also offer the service of reassessment: If your profession is required but currently unlisted, we will notify you once it becomes available.
      • In addition, we also offer the unique service of double assessments! Couples do not realize that they may be entitled to receive points due to their partner or points for previously working in Canada.

      If you want to PERMANENTLY remove yourself from receiving any email communication from us then please click here so we can update your profile NOT to receive any updates from us.

      Tehmina Hassan
      Certified Consultant
      Paradigms Associates

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