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Re: RE : [ImmigrationQuebec] Drive to Canada from the US

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  • Paty A.
    Thank you very much Rice for this info it is very useful!! ... Yahoo! Mail http://mail.yahoo.fr
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 29, 2008
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      Thank you very much Rice for this info it is very useful!!


      --- In immigrationquebec@yahoogroups.com, Rice Matters <cubeice24@...>
      > Hey Paty,
      > I also plan to move in May and I'm still hesitant
      > about driving my own car up. If it were a little more
      > reliable I wouldn't mind keeping it so I'll most
      > likely sell it and rent a U-Haul van to carry my stuff
      > with.
      > Many people have mixed opinions about it but the
      > majority I've heard from say that cars are cheaper in
      > the US and also cars in Canada get worn much quicker
      > due to the harsh weather conditions, salt on the roads
      > etc. Some exaggerators even state that a 3 year old
      > car in Canada is equivalent to a 10 year old one in
      > the US in terms of wear and tear.
      > I saved an old post from somebody who'd shared their
      > experience on importing a car to Canada from the US.
      > I've copied it below. Hope this helps and good luck
      > with your move.
      > cheers
      > Rice.
      > Hi Denis,
      > If you currently like your car, I'd recommend you to
      > keep it when moving to Canada. Usually, you lose money
      > when selling a good car and buying another one.
      > I brought my car from US and I had to take it through
      > importation process.
      > Its not too painful. At least it wasnt for me.Here
      > goes the list of documents you'd need to export car
      > from US and import it into Canada:
      > 1. Vehicle title
      > 2. Recall clearence letter - a letter from
      > manufacturer or dealer of car stating that all recalls
      > on specified car are complete
      > First of all, it is necessary to possess the title of
      > the car. In case if it still belongs to bank (credit
      > not paid fully) you would first have to get the
      > permission from bank to take car out of country and
      > get the title of the car as well from them.
      > Next step is to inform US customs that car is going to
      > be exported. In few websites describing exportation
      > procedure I saw people mentioning that one can fax the
      > car title copy to the US port of entry 3-4 days prior
      > to exportation. HOWEVER, that is NOT what US customs
      > officers told me on the border. They told me that I
      > have to present actual title at the border post so
      > they could stamp it and take a copy of it 4 days
      > before the exportation. After stamping car has to stay
      > in US for 4 days before actually leaving. I was lucky
      > to ask them this question when was coming back from
      > Canada couple weeks before moving there for good and I
      > had car title with myself. They took copy of it and
      > stamped it and I was clear to go when arrived to same
      > border post 15 days later. They just put a special
      > stamp on title and thats all.
      > Now, you have to import the vehicle into Canada.
      > Canadian customs officer verifies that car is properly
      > exported from US and gives you 2 forms. You will have
      > to pay about 200 canadan dollars of importation fee at
      > this moment (credit card is good enough). You can
      > drive the car inside Canada now.
      > But things are not over yet, there are 2 inspections
      > to pass.
      > First, you car must be taken to Canadian Tire where
      > they will conduct federal inspection of it. This is
      > free of charge. In Canada all cars are supposed to
      > have Daytime Running Lights (DRL). If your car has no
      > DRL, you would have to install it, costs about 120$.
      > There
      > might be other modfications you car could need - at
      > Canadian Tire they will tell you what exactly needs to
      > be done with car. I would recommend to take your car
      > to the exact dealer of car (Honda service center for
      > Honda's for example) cause they know how to do hose
      > modifications right.
      > After installing DRL take the car to Canadian Tire,
      > they will do the federal inspection and stamp your
      > Form 2 with "Passed" stamp.Now you need to get a
      > canadian license plate. I dont know how that works in
      > other provinces, but in Quebec you need to take car to
      > provincial inspection first. Any CAA (Canadian
      > Automobilists
      > Association - version of AAA) can do that for you for
      > 70$. After inspection they issue you a positive
      > inspection form which you would have to take to SAAQ
      > in Quebec (equivalent of registry of motor vehicles).
      > There they will issue you a license plate right on
      > spot. By the way, registration in Quebec is expensive
      > - costs around 270$ a year.
      > Roughly, it took me about a week to complete all these
      > procedures.
      > Karen
      > --- "Paty A." <pamacifuen@...> a écrit :
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I'll be moving to Canada on May and was thinking of
      > > driving there with
      > > all my belongings.
      > >
      > > Anyone knows what is the procedure arriving to the
      > > border? Is it
      > > worthed take my own car up there?
      > >
      > > What are the requirements?
      > >
      > > Thanks for your help!
      > >
      > > Patty
      > >
      > >

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