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"Revolution" in Quebec welfare system

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  • Rafael Scapin
    Hi everyone, What´s your opinion about this news? Greetings, Rafael Revolution in Quebec welfare system Source:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      What´s your opinion about this news?



      "Revolution" in Quebec welfare system


      QUEBEC CITY - The Quebec government is introducing major reforms in the
      province's welfare system that will establish guaranteed minimum incomes
      and eliminate deductions from welfare cheques of those who refuse to
      seek employment.

      Employment Minister Claude Béchard described the changes as a
      "revolution in Quebec's social security system."

      The reforms represent the first welfare regime in Canada that
      establishes a legally guaranteed income.

      The plan calls for a minimum guaranteed income of $533 a month, an
      amount that goes higher for recipients deemed able to enter the
      workforce who choose to participate in government-sponsored job creation

      For others who cannot work for medical or other reasons, there is also
      an indexed scale offering more money.

      Parts of the plan were announced in the budget earlier this week,
      including a new government supplement for very low income earners.

      The move repeats an announcement from last year for more money for
      subsidized housing.

      Poverty groups said the measures are a good start, but added that the
      guaranteed minimum of $533 a month is not enough to live on, and that it
      does not exempt welfare recipients from having to pay public drug
      insurance premiums.

      The opposition Parti Québécois called the new plan deeply flawed, saying
      that one of the biggest problems is that none of the new welfare
      measures come into effect until next year.
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