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4430Can You Really Make Money Doing Nothing?

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  • gojaf afasur
    Oct 8, 2007
      There are several well known and well used phrases
      regarding money. Most of these have been around since
      the first bank notes were printed and we stopped using
      the barter system. While many still hold water today,
      our generation and those that follow may find that the
      tide is turning on this particular issue.

      For example, "money doesn't grow on tree's". If I had
      a pound for every time I've heard that, I would be
      much richer than I am now. However the truth is that
      in some money making systems money can grow on tree's.
      The problem for average Joe is in deciding which is
      honest and profitable and which won't give you a dime.
      Many referral systems will use some sort of tree
      structure with different payouts depending on which
      branch of your tree a new user finds. While these can
      be ongoing, the chances are in my opinion that anyone
      who attempts to profit using referral systems will be
      in for a rough ride. Of course if you are the owner of
      a popular web page with thousands of visitors you are
      likely to refer many, but often your proceeds will
      come from your referrals referrals. Can you guarantee
      the actions of people you don't know? No certainly
      not, you can't even second guess people you do know
      half the time, its human nature.


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