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4050Medical practisioner to recommend

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  • Prashant
    Nov 1, 2006
      Dear All,

      I want to share a good news that I got my medical form also
      from Buffalo today, surprisingly my timeline is really very fast:

      Feb: Applied for CSQ
      April: acknowledgement letter
      Aug: call for interview
      Sept: interview done and selected for Quebec(got CSQ)
      Sept end: applied for Federal
      Oct: got acknowledgement letter and medical forms.

      Could any of you learned people tell me who would be the best medical
      practisioner in Montreal to get the medicals done, also he should be
      reliable and fast as that would prevent any unnecessary delays in the
      process. So please let me know of some good practisioner in Montreal
      authorised my CIC whom you may have experience with.

      With best wishes,
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