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  • shanzy10
    Nov 1, 2005
      hi sabeel

      well till i know it is not supposed to take that long i mean i know
      that after buffalo gets ur meds they take abt 3 months to give u ur
      visa so i dont know wat the delay was abt. all i can say is that why
      dont u get ur caips notes so that u wud know wats delaying ur process.
      another thing cud be that i have heard is that may be they r waiting
      for u to finish ur education n they asked me also to resubmit the pcc
      b/c mine were lost by dhl n sent in a fax of my pcc n then sent in the
      originals. fax them or email them to ask ur status they mostly answer
      to emails at least u wud know where the hang up is.

      --- In immigrationquebec@yahoogroups.com, "Denis" <sneigeow@y...> wrote:
      > --- In immigrationquebec@yahoogroups.com, "sabeel ansari"
      > > Yeah, I was asked to resubmit my Police Clearance Certificate. I had
      > > sent it earlier, but was asked to send it again; maybe they lost the
      > > first one?
      > maybe, but unlikely. maybe you submitted the one that does not cover
      > all the time necessary or not obtained the way they need so they asked
      > you to do it the correct way? you probably did not resubmit the very
      > same one you sent the first time, but obtained a new one?
      > this whole thing is probably what caused your delay.
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