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1745Little change for sending passport (inside Canada)

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  • rajib77
    Jul 1, 2004
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      Previously there was no way to send prepaid envelope for the
      passport return, from Canada, at the time of sending passport to
      Buffalo. As, they don't accept FED-EX and other couriers prepaid
      envelope. The only way was to send them a prepaid USPS envelope,
      which is not available in Canada. It may be possible to buy online
      but I am not sure.So, most of the people inside Canda used to get
      their passport back by ordinary mail, even not registered.

      Recently one of my friends got passport request from Buffalo. I saw
      the letter. It advices the people inside Canada for not to send USPS
      prepaid envelope rather to send Canada post express prepaid envelope.
      Buffalo will post it from the border of Canada by its own
      arrangement.Thanks to Buffalo for this arrangement.

      Because, sending Passport by ordinary mail is very unsecure and time