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Re: [Immigration Canada] Question for Mr. Athanassiadis or anyone that can help re: Student Visa

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  • mimikos athanassiadis
    Dear Sanjiv, Yes. Your sister s son can independantly apply for a student visa while processing of his PR is taking place. The package and application has to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2005
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      Dear Sanjiv,

      Yes. Your sister's son can independantly apply for a
      student visa while processing of his PR is taking
      place. The package and application has to be carefully
      prepared because of the principleof double intention
      ie applying to Permanent residence and temporary
      residency status at the same time.

      But nothing precludes him from studying in Canada
      providing that all the permits and documentation is in

      I hope this information helps you.

      PS Please be advised that this opinion is not a legal
      opinion nor should be construed as such. It is a
      simple answer to a question of fact.


      --- sanjivseth2003 <sanjivseth2003@...> wrote:


      Dear Mr. Athanassiadis
      I am wondering if you might help me with my questions
      re: Canadian
      Immigration. My Sister has recently applied for
      Immigration to
      Canada (under the skilled worker program)for herself
      and her family.
      She has not received a file # yet. One of her sons has
      finished his
      undergraduate study in India and would like to apply
      for a student
      Visa for a post graduate course in Toronto Canada
      where I reside as
      a Canadian Citizen. He would like to do this so that
      he can have
      Canadian qualifications for his career advancement and
      not have to
      go back to school when he arrives in Canada after
      completing the 36-
      40 month wait for the landed immigrant visa.

      The question is: Can my sisters son obtain a student
      visa to study
      in Canada while awaiting his landed immigrant status
      to be processed
      in India.

      If you can help me with some answers It would be much
      If you are unable to answer my questions would you be
      able to
      provide any links or groups that might help me with my

      Thanking you in advance


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