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      --- ralf <ralf@...> wrote:
      > Please fogive us for any disturbance, but we have an
      > important subject
      > to address to you regarding FAITH, and we
      > don't indend to overload your email with unnessary
      > messages...
      > Woman in Islam
      > Sexual Politics
      > Imagine this scenario, for it is real: two
      > antagonists locked in a grim power struggle. And
      > another: two or more other competitors, rivals in a
      > race for high stakes, a race to determine the course
      > of their entire life. At race's end, the prizes for
      > winning include compliments, telling glances, and
      > First Prize, a wedding ring. Unwanted "prizes" along
      > the way may include physical assault, countless
      > violations of body and soul. The protagonists of
      > these scenarios are all around us; they are modern
      > man and modern woman, and woman vs. woman. From time
      > immemorial, against this harsh horizon of human
      > relations, the "battle of the sexes" has raged. But
      > never has "Sexual Politics been so virulent as
      > today. Feminism becomes polarization along gender
      > barriers. To offset increased competition for a
      > mate, extreme nudity splashes itself unchecked. Fear
      > and suspicion on both sides lurk; commitments are
      > tepid, or all too fragile.
      > Sexual Balance
      > Now conjure this, from the Qur'an, the Book of the
      > Revelation sent to guide the affairs of mankind; It
      > comes from Allah (SWT - the Deity; One, Only) to us,
      > His creatures: "Your wives are a garment to you, and
      > you to them. " (Surah 2:187). As close as the skin
      > to a garment, as essential as the covering layer
      > which envelops andd protects us from heat and cold,
      > man and wife are the two halves of humanity coming
      > together in balanced, mutual protection and care.
      > This is the other veil, the deeper veil, the real
      > covering and garment of ISLAM.
      > In days remarkably similar to ours, a new path was
      > taught: the path of enduring partnership and
      > cooperation in human affairs, to level the
      > exhausting shifting sands of competition and
      > suspicion. This path was AL-ISLAM. Islam means the
      > deep submission to God alone, Allah (SWT - The One,
      > The Deity, "Eloh" of the Hebrews). Fittingly, the
      > name of this grace-filled, all-encompassing path of
      > balance and harmony for mankind was derived from
      > "Salaam," the Arabic word for peace.
      > Peace
      > "For Islam is the religion before Allah" (Surah
      > 3:19) ISLAM was not a new religion, "another"
      > religion; it is the same universal truth that God
      > has enjoined upon humanity throughout the ages, in
      > its final, most comprehensive exposition. 1400 years
      > after its Revelation, it stands as pristine, and as
      > beneficial, as it was on the day Allah (SWT) first
      > granted it: in a time of upheaval, in a world of
      > unraveling values, in a society confused and chaotic
      > much like ours.
      > There Allah (SWT) chose His last Prophet, the Seal
      > of the Messengers, the Mercy for all mankind. He was
      > an upright, kind and honorable man living in
      > seventh-century Arabia, at the very fringes of the
      > civilized world. And when first Muhammad, in his
      > fortieth year, peace be upon him, heard the Word of
      > Allah (SWT), he was shaken and he was stunned. And
      > he turned to a woman, his wife Khadija, for counsel:
      > am I mad? he asked. This true companion knew better.
      > Go, she said, and serve Allah (SWT). The Revelation
      > of Islam was gathered over 23 often perilous years,
      > in the Book of Recitation, the Qur'an.
      > Today, 1/5th of humanity is Muslim, (those who
      > surrender to Allah's, SWT, Will) and millions more
      > (women in the forefront) are heeding its voice. For
      > this Voice speaks with irresistible appeal, of the
      > equitable design for living for all human beings,
      > beyond race, beyond gender: the sheltering peace.
      > Freedom
      > Islam is freedom; it upholds free will and
      > encourages rational thought; it recognizes only that
      > virtue or sin which an individual earns through free
      > action and choice. Within its parameters is a code
      > of behavior, a complete social pattern for man and
      > for woman, that looks out to the whole of life
      > through the harmony of a balanced scale. In this
      > system, based on natural law and innate reason, (the
      > Knowing System of the Creator Himself - SWT),
      > cooperation is the standard criterion.
      > Muslims are brothers and sisters in the family of
      > mankind brethren all under Islam, in the sweet
      > surrender of obedience and worship to Allah (SWT),
      > Unique and One (Tawhid). Each Muslim, man or woman,
      > chooses to be a Muslim. Each Muslim is ultimately
      > accountable for his and her actions to Allah (SWT)
      > alone. Allah (SWT) will call us all to account on
      > the Day of Reckoning. How easy it becomes, then, to
      > be truly free. For the vain idols of stone, the
      > enslaving tyrants of greed, of lust, of ambition, of
      > public opinion crumble to naught. Freedom from the
      > tyranny of man and man-made conceits: Islam
      > liberates
      > Parity
      > Not one verse in the whole of the Qur'an speaks
      > injustice Not one word says, men and women are not
      > equal. Everywhere, the Book of Nature and Creation
      > tells us: equality under God is the only criterion.
      > Under God in sincere worship, man and woman stand in
      > parity. But this Book is truth; truth does not shy
      > away from our most basic, indisputable biological
      > differences. Male and female, quite simply, have
      > distinct and complementary roles to fill, equally
      > vital for the sustenance of life.
      > Everywhere, the Qur'an reminds us of the mutual
      > rights humans owe to one another, in the balance of
      > our relations. "O men! Fear your Lord Who created
      > you from a single being and out of it created its
      > mate; and out of the two spread many men and women.
      > Fear Allah in Whose name you demand your rights (of
      > one another) and heed the ties of relationships. "
      > (Surah 4:1)
      > In a time when most women were common chattel, the
      > teachings of the Qur'an and the practices (Sunnah)
      > of Muhammad, the Messenger(pbuh), firmly restored to
      > them status, both legal and social; and dignity as
      > individuals; cemented their right to wealth and
      > property, to inheritance, to education. In Muhammad
      > (pbuh), women found the champion to uphold their
      > rights, merciful, sympathetic, unwavering in his
      > support: women flocked to his call. Budding Islam
      > grew strong on the depth of their staunch belief.
      > In a day of social anarchy, Islam reintroduced
      > structure end the natural order. For it is the
      > stable bond of the family unit that elevates man
      > from beast. It is its strong foundation, built on
      > understanding and collaboration, which ripples
      > outward in concentric circles to the vast social
      > network. It is here that peace and freedom begin.
      > Islam elevates.
      > Natural Humanism
      > Your body has rights upon you, said the Prophet of
      > Islam. By this was meant a healthy, clean,
      > Intelligent respect for the body and its needs.
      > Personal hygiene is one of Islam's most basic
      > requirements Pleasing and discrete elegance is
      > smiled upon in Islam, the world's great Civilization
      > of Refinement, in body and soul. And the Prophet
      > said: "God Himself is graceful and elegance pleases
      > Him."
      > The Islamic way does not want mankind shut up
      > unnaturally in towers of ivory, to ruminate
      > endlessly in ascetic withdrawal from fellow begins.
      > Islam is inclusive dynamism; Useful and graceful
      > action; Improvement and betterment. Nor does it deny
      > or demean the natural sex drive. On the contrary, it
      > elevates and liberates it, channeling it for a
      > peaceful, healthy society: the hectic waves of
      > seduction, rivalry, the "theft" of physical or
      > mental integrity are banished.
      > Within the REAL partnership of matrimony, the
      > joining of husband and wife is legitimized: here sex
      > is no sin, but a form of natural worship. The Qur'an
      > itself speaks of sexual relations between man and
      > wife, simple and direct; it teaches the striving
      > toward harmony, the need for trust and confidence
      > between husband and wife, between life partners, as
      > it does between all human beings (Surah 66).
      > Does the nurturer not need nurturing too? The
      > biological imperatives, Islam meets squarely,
      > head-on, with no coyness; for indeed Allah (SWT)
      > created us so. Islam addresses the differing needs
      > of man and woman comprehensively.
      > The need of woman, in child bearing years, feminism
      > not withstanding, is sustenance and security. A
      > pregnant woman requires care; a nursing mother and
      > infant require protection; a wife, mother, sister
      > require respect: these are their rights. Equal
      > rights, in proportioned measure: the way of Islam is
      > honest and clear-sighted. To safeguard the one from
      > the oversights of the other; to remind the one of
      > the requirements of the other the balanced checks of
      > Islam work in supreme rationality:
      > "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women,
      > because
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