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Re: [Immigration Canada] Anyone could give me suggestions please!!

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  • faqcad
    Dear Sir or Madam First of all, I would like to say thank you for your kindly advise. If you would not mind I would like to ask some more questions. I & my
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 29, 2004
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      Dear Sir or Madam
      First of all, I would like to say thank you for your kindly advise.
      If you would not mind I would like to ask some more questions. I & my
      partner came from another country and study in US. After graduated,I
      could not find a job here, but I'm still living here to wait for Canadian
      Interview( in the application we put the LA canadian embassy for the
      interview place), Since we can not guarantee that we could come back
      after we left. Currently, my status is illegal, and US visa is already
      expired. but my common law got a H1 visa. As I'm the principal

      1) Will the officer reject my application because of the illegal
      2) If so,,is there anyway I could do?
      3) My commonlaw is working in another state, but we still in the
      relationship( we talk to each other everydays,,etc) How can we due with

      I know my case might be too complicated,,but it would be appreciated if
      you could give me some suggestions.

      Thanks for your times,,
      Best Regards,

      --- In immigrationcanada@yahoogroups.com, mimikos athanassiadis
      <mimikos1@y...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > IIt is suggested that your partner be with you for the
      > interview as the agent may ask for his presence to
      > prove part of your relationship.
      > Furthermore, it is advisable that the medical be done
      > before-this will expedite the process as there will be
      > no waiting period until the officer has to make a
      > final decision.
      > If the file is complete, the decision will be made on
      > the spot.
      > If you have any more questions, contact me directly.
      > Mimikos Athanassiadis
      > Avocat/Barrister & Solicitor
      > 3438 Hutchison Street
      > Montreal, PQ
      > 514-849-7345
      > --- faqcad <faqcad@y...> wrote:
      > ---------------------------------
      > Hi everyone
      > I just have a short question, but really need
      > answers.
      > I've applied for permanent residence as a skill worker
      > and will have the
      > interview date on June'02 in LA. I have common-law
      > partner(same sex)
      > and have him applied in my application.
      > My questions:
      > 1.Dose my common-law partner have to go to the
      > interview with me?
      > It's not so convenient for him to accompany me on that
      > day.
      > 2.Will the officer interview just only me or both of
      > us have to be in the
      > inteview room?
      > 3.Do we have to have the medical examination done
      > before the
      > interview or we can do that after the interview?
      > Thanks in advance for your kindly suggestion.
      > ---------------------------------
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