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Desperately Need Help/Advice!

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  • Tia
    Hi everyone, I have a long (sob) story here, I m sure there must be a way to make it shorter, but as you can plainly see - I am long winded :) I am currently
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      I have a long (sob) story here, I'm sure there must be a way to
      make it shorter, but as you can plainly see - I am long winded :)

      I am currently married to a USA citizen (we've been together 6
      years now, married officially August 13, 2001) We live in Canada
      together now and have been here since August 2001. We have one child
      together, who was born in Texas and I have 3 other children (from a
      previous relationship).
      We have a history with customs/immigration from us just trying to
      be together! We have never had enough money for the immigration
      process...when we moved back here together (we had lived in Canada
      for a year together before immigration ordered my husband to
      leave...so we all left), it was literally hell at the border
      crossing, previously we had gotten a common-law marriage certificate
      in Texas, we did this because we wanted to wait for a nice
      wedding...it wasn't good enough for customs, so we got married the
      next day in Montana, my husband got a ministers permit to enter
      Canada but it expired after 6 months...he's been here for 3 years
      this August *sigh*.
      We just cannot afford the immigration process but we also can't
      afford to not have my husband working! We need to either move back to
      the USA or for him to somehow be able to work/live here legally.
      Separating our family for bureaucratic purposes is really out of the
      question for us, we have 4 children, we've been together a long time
      and we remain happily married and frankly we are afraid to separate
      to immigrate, in case for whatever reason one of us is denied, we
      never see eachother again! (also frankly cannot believe this is even
      an issue in North America 2004!)

      To make a long story shorter, it is ideal for us to move to
      Washington together, there is a lot of work there in my husbands
      field and it's close to my home (southern British Columbia) we are
      recently destitute...broke. All I have is my mobile home and when/if
      we do go to Washington, we will be living in free/cheap campgrounds
      until we can find something better. We really need to get out of here
      soon, like within a month or 2! As we are all miserable, depressed
      and tired of being broke with no opportunity to look forward to.
      How can we do this? How can we all safely and legally move to
      Washington? Keeping in mind that we are married and we do have a
      child together who was born in the USA. Does anyone have anything at
      all for advice? I can't imagine we are the only ones out here. Thank
      you for your time.

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