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653Re: Transfer of application to Canada - URGENT!

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  • kiaratot
    May 4, 2003
      Thanks for your feedback :)

      --- In immigrationcanada@yahoogroups.com, "huanc12" <huanc12@y...>
      > You won't be able to transfer your skill worker immigration
      > application to consulate in Canada. All skill worker applicants
      > to send their application papers outside Canada even though they
      > studying or working in Canada.
      > So... in your case, your processing center will be still in
      > You will get more points to meet the required 75 points when you
      > a job in Canada. Or.. maybe you already have points 75 before you
      > take the job in Canada?
      > If you stay in Canada and are asked for an interview, you have to
      > have tourist visa to enter USA. So.. you are taking a risk that
      > cannot enter USA. However, I heard a news from a friend that her
      > friends (skill workers too! paper sent to Buffalo Center) in Canada
      > were informed of "interview waive". So.. you may not be asked for
      > interview if you works in Canada. But, there is no guarentee.
      > There is another case I heard... Buffalo processing center phoned
      > applicant (a foreigner, studied in the USA) in Buffalo
      for "telephone
      > interview" and she did sucessfully pass it. The news about
      > interview that I heard are all cases under "old rules". Since I
      > don't have friends applying under new rules, I am not sure if my
      > information is helpful to you or not.
      > If you work in Canada but cannot enter Canada, you may contact
      > Buffalo Center what to do next. Ask they if they allow "phone
      > interview" or what.
      > You had better contact Buffalo Center before you take the job in
      > Canada. Tell them your situation and see what they say. If you
      > decide to come up Toronto, remember to write a letter to tell
      > Center your new address and phone number in Canada.
      > Good luck.
      > --- In immigrationcanada@yahoogroups.com, "kiaratot"
      > wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I am currently working in the US (holding H1B Visa) and I have a
      > > potential contract-to-hire work waiting for me in the Toronto
      > area.
      > > I have filed an application for permanent residency in the
      > > office and its been going for 8 months now since I got my AOR.
      > >
      > > My question now is, would the Buffalo office allow me to transfer
      > my
      > > application to their consulate in Canada? I'm just worried
      > > if they ask me to have an interview, I won't be able to come back
      > > here to the US unless I get a US Tourist VISA which is kinda hard
      > to
      > > get nowadays especially from my country. I am taking a big
      > I
      > > have to resign from my job here and move there and hopefully be
      > hired
      > > by the employer in Toronto eventually.
      > >
      > > Did anybody here experience the same situation? I need advice as
      > > soon as possible. I just want to know if its possible for my
      > > interview to be moved there as well as the whole processing
      > > without too much hassle.
      > >
      > > Thanks guys!
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