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2047Wedding ceremony photographs

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  • mickygarg
    Jul 9, 2007
      Hi All,

      I am posting a query for the first time. Hope somebody will be able
      to help.

      I am a permanent resident since 4 years. I am from India. I got
      married (arranged marriage through relatives) in Feb'07. My marriage
      ceremony was very short (with bare minimum rituals) as my trip to
      India for the marriage was very short and also because my grandmother
      had passed away recently. Due to some miscommunication with the
      official photographer and our own late arrival at the wedding venue,
      I do not have the pictures of the marriage ceremony but I have
      adequate pictures of the marriage reception that took place
      immediately after the ceremony. I made this very clear and supplied
      good number of pictures (19 in total) of the reception when I filed
      for my wife's permanent resident visa in May'07 at the Mississauga
      office. I got a letter from the Mississauga office in June'07 saying
      that I have met the eligibility criteria for sponsorship of my spouse
      and that the file has now been shifted to the New Delhi (India)
      office. Two days ago my wife receives a letter from the New Delhi
      office saying this "Please send adequate wedding/engagement/adoption
      photos. Should also include photos depicting the actual ceremony.
      (Please do not sent photo album / video cassette)"

      Now I am not sure what they want as I have already made it clear that
      I do not have wedding ceremony pictures. There was no engagement. Can
      somebody guide as to what should be my wife's reply to the letter?
      Should she just sent the same photographs and re-emphasize the same
      point again as to why we do not have those pictures? Please help.
      Thanks so much.