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201recomplet application

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  • amm_cp
    Aug 2 9:28 AM
      I have submitted my application in November 2001 to Buffalo canadia
      consulate thru my attorney. Recently in July 2002 I got married. I
      sent my wife's papers to include my wife in my application to my
      attorney. They filed the papers in mid of july. The consulate has
      asked my attorney to recomplet my application also. What could be the
      reason? Does this happen in every case? My attorney says she does not
      know why they are asking my application again? Does it mean they are
      considering my case afresh or new? What about my wait so far? I
      looked at many articles. No place it says that the primary applicant
      has to recomplete application inorder to ammend the application to
      include spouse. I apprciate your help in advance. Please help me. I
      am not sure what is going on with my application. Would I need 75
      points or 70? Would new rules apply to my application