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1846Re: [Immigration Canada] - Incorporated

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    Oct 10, 2005
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      Hi Omar

      If you "incorporate" you don't have to hire staff - just have a properly formed company. As I mentioned to Sundarraj Its definitely worth making enquiries to a business lawyer/accountant to ensure everything is in order. I can't see there being an issue with where your company income comes from (as long as its legal!!) especially as most canadian trade is with the USA and you will pay tax as a Canadian resident. Again this is where the accountant would be useful.

      If you need professional advice with your application I can recommend Phil Mooney of CanAm migration who is a registered immigration consultant for Canada. He can be contacted for a free assessment at http://www.onestopimmigration-canada.com/contact.html

      Hope this helps a bit.

      Good luck

      Dave Lympany

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