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1453Student Loan Debt/Education queries

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  • ausm67
    May 1, 2004
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      Hi everyone,

      I am considering starting the emigration process (UK to Calgary) in 12
      months time (as long as the points haven't gone up - I currently have
      66 and in 9 months time will see me with 68). However, I'm concerned
      about my student loan, It is UK £11,000 - so close to CAN $25000.

      Will the CIC consider this an encumbering debt? The Student Loans
      Company would probably allow me to negotiate a payment structure that
      wouldn't be a problem. (I need to check with the SLC that this is
      definitely the case). However, my concern is that this will not matter
      and will be something that disqualifies me from coming over. I suppose
      I *could* pay it off before I start the process but would take me at
      least 3 years on my current salary (pretty poor as I am just gaining
      IT experience now).

      My other worry is that Canadian companies might not recognise my
      degree. It's a 2:1 Honours BSc from an ex-poly (Northumbria University
      - usually awarded the "best new university" tag each year). Anyone
      know if this is the case?

      How is the IT market in Alberta?

      Thanks and regards,