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1077Refugee needs help with immigration Canada

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  • caso_61
    Nov 1, 2003
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      I recieved my refugee status 4 yrs ago.. as a means of control my X
      wouldnt let me apply for my immigration status.. we have split and
      are going through a nasty custody fight etc etal.. and I need to
      apply for my immigration status so i can work and get off SFI.
      problem is i dont have the $$ to apply and i know being on SFI will
      hurt me with immigration.. I have interm custody of my 6 yr old son
      who was born in canada.. its all a big mess and the lawyer i was able
      to get doesnt seem to have clue one as to immigration issues or
      family violence and family law.. the X has a lawyer known to be a
      shark.. we got o court in 5 weeks and i feel like im dead before we
      start.. any advice help anything appreciated.. I dont want to have
      problems with immigration, dont wanna get deported and dont want to
      loose my son.. ~Caso