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Linux Adoption

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  • Raghuram Vijapurapu
    I think I should remember that I have to put the attachments inline ;) ./ Raghuram Vijapurapu ... --
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
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      I think I should remember that I have to put the attachments inline ;)

      Raghuram Vijapurapu

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      > Very intersting reading.
      > Linux adoption in the Asia-Pacific region has grown significantly in the
      > last year, with 15% of the region's companies having servers that run on
      > Linux, according to a Gartner survey of 850 organisations in Asia.
      > The number of current Linux users has been growing rapidly. In September,
      > about 13% of companies in Asia were Linux users, compared to about only 6%
      > to 7% one year ago, says Gartner Sydney-based servers and storage research
      > director Phil Sargeant.
      > Continued Linux growth in the region will depend on the types of
      > applications that are made available for the Linux platform, Sargeant says.
      > As more "sizable software organisations are putting their weight behind
      > Linux, with more applications for Linux," there might be greater Linux
      > adoption, he says.
      > <SNIP>
      > Currently, Linux is used mainly for low-level applications, such as file
      > sharing and web and email applications, Sargeant says. For Linux usage to
      > grow in the region, large-scale database deployments and financial-type
      > applications have to be developed. Not having large types of applications
      > such as those from Oracle or SAP running on Linux will impede its growth, he
      > says.
      > According to the Gartner report, Windows is the most widely used enterprise
      > operating system in the region, with Sun's Solaris, the second most commonly
      > used operating system, ranked as the only Unix operating system more widely
      > installed than Linux, which ranked third.
      > The un (edited by me) version is at
      > http://www.idg.net.nz/webhome.nsf/NL/C74ADD3DCF6B623BCC256B52000CCBE1
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