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Fw: Fwd: Hackfest 2013, IIT Madras

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      I am Kashyap, an alumnus of IIT Madras. I got your email ids online on ILUG hyd group. Every year, we conduct an event called "Hackfest" in our college tech fest, Shaastra. Hackfest aims at helping students in getting started on hacking open source software. If you think that this event is appropriate for your group members, then please forward the below mail to your group.



      It's time to get ready for Shaastra 2013, the annual technical fest of IIT Madras. We, from the Shaastra team, proudly present to you, the FOSS event at Shaastra: Hackfest.

      What is Hackfest all about?
      Hackfest is more than a FOSS event. To us, it's a movement to gather enthusiastic programmers together and get them on the tracks of open source development. It teaches them the sleight of the developer's hand and gives them a chance to peek into the world of development.

      Hackfest's Objective:
      Our primary objective is to help the participants take their first steps into the world of contribution to open source.

      Past glories:
      Over the past three years Hackfest has been a fantastic way to gather enthusiastic programmers together and get them started on contributing to open source projects. It gave an opportunity for the participants to learn what separates developers from regular users and coders and to interact with the Indian open source community. In the previous editions of the Hackfest, participants have fixed bugs and have even got patches! This has had a lasting effect; some of the participants have enthusiastically begun to contribute to their favorite Open Source projects, and have participated in the Google Summer of Code.

      What's new this year?
      We have workshops on 4 renowned software projects this year : Tor, GNU Mailman, KDE and Django; where participants will be mentored by experienced developers (1 per project) who can guide them through their baby steps into the FOSS world.

      Registrations are open. Visit us at

      Hope to see you there!
      Have fun hacking.

      Shaastra 2013
      IIT Madras

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