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Re: [OT] Challenging Aadhar (UUID)

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  • theju
    Hi KC, ... Can t speak about the whole group but I am opposed to surveillance. But there was already a massive amount of surveillance already in place even
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2012
      Hi KC,

      --- In ilughyd@yahoogroups.com, "K.C. Ramakrishna" <kcramakrishna@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Slightly off topic depending on how we perceive this.
      > Posting this here as I assume most Free Software people will be opposed to surveillance as a matter of principle. I am sure most people on this forum are familiar with Dr. Stallman's views on surveillance, facebook and mobile phones.

      Can't speak about the whole group but I am opposed to surveillance. But there was already a massive amount of surveillance already in place even before Aadhar came into the picture. Every single financial transaction is connected to your PAN (only recently IT returns were excluded from the ambit of RTI), every single call record available at the filing of a trivial complaint with the police and deep packet inspection infrastructure in place to tap internet and phones. I am not trivializing the privacy issues but there are a lot more fundamental problems with Aadhar which I have written about below.

      > Though the stated objectives of Aadhar is improving govt. delivery efficiency and fighting corruption, in reality it is also enabling a massive surveillance structure over all Indian residents.

      I doubt the efficacy of any system whose plan is to enumerate 1 billion+ people especially with the laxity in taking the finger and retina prints. Many countries far more advanced than ours shelved similar programs because of technical difficulties (they didn't even reach the stage of addressing privacy issues).

      I am only a little more comfortable with the government having my information than any private organization (read Facebook, Google etc).
      The Aadhar chairman seems to have given far more presentations and clarifications to industry heads and private corporations than to the constitutional authorities and this freaks me. Also at 7000 crore earmarked for this project for 2 years, this sounds like a huge waste of tax payers money. With the introduction of a similar scheme (NPR), my thoughts are reinforced.

      > I think there some free software / open source components to the Aadhar project and in my opinion that is an irony.

      If I recollect correctly, very few server side components were powered by free software. Majority of it is proprietary.

      > Mr. Matthew Thomas and his team have started a legal battle against Aadhar. They are using RTI and courts to unravel the facts and publicise the truth.
      > Apart from my other contributions, I am trying to do my bit in trying to raise support for it.

      What we need is a "Privacy" law which will clearly define how the data from various sources (digital or physical) can be used. Recently, a committee submitted it's report to the Planning commission in this regards and you can read more about it here[1].

      [1] http://www.prsindia.org/theprsblog/?tag=expert-group-on-privacy

      > You may find more here: http://www.thefifthestateworld.com/
      > Here is a gist of Mr. Thomas's appeal in his own words:
      > >"What we need is people to
      > analyse the UID scheme and take appropriate decisions. They should not
      > be carried away by the media image or political affiliations of the
      > prime-movers of the >project. 
      > >People who understand the dangers of UID could contribute by taking the
      > message through any media they have an opportunity to bring out the
      > truth.
      > >I request you to email, suggesting to the community to
      > register on the website, post articles, news, blogs, mails to MPs, CMs,
      > post comments on news, like the one on 'IBN Live' today. >They could
      > promote the website.
      > >Please post your comments on the lies he is saying. He said that the trials
      > for LPG delivery is successful. Reply to my RTI query on this is that
      > the trial is NOT complete.
      > >I have two Google groups, one called 'Citizens Action Forum' and the
      > other called, 'UID - India's Orwell'. They could register on these
      > groups and post there too. "
      > If you care about this cause, please register on the sites and the forums. If you think other lugs across India will be interested, please do spread the word on those forums too.
      > Thanks and Best Regards
      > kc
      > --
      > K. C. Ramakrishna
      > www.rknowsys.com
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