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  • Sameer Verma
    Hello ilughyd, If you are a volunteer with the OLPC project, please take a few seconds and map yourself at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22 9:27 AM
      Hello ilughyd,
      If you are a volunteer with the OLPC project, please take a few
      seconds and map yourself at
      http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_India#Connecting_dots_in_India This is
      a India-wide effort, as we revive and reinvigorate the volunteer
      community. Help us by curating content, translating Sugar into your
      local language, or writing/testing code.

      From a Linux perspective, OLPC deployments provide interesting
      challenges of running clients and servers in tight spaces. The XO
      laptops run a version of Fedora 9 and 11 with GNOME and Sugar (RH is
      the official OS partner for them) and with 2 million units, its no
      small change! The server runs Fedora 9 with Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL,
      Squid, ejabberd, and Moodle. Some versions run in 256MB RAM, and on
      solar panels and batteries
      (http://www.green-wifi.org/solutions/technology/), so you can
      appreciate the challenge :-)

      I would also like to suggest a session/meeting to introduce the FOSS
      side of the project to ilughyd members. One of us could do this online
      via ustream or some such service, along with local folks like Shakthi
      and Thejaswi, who have had some experience with the project now. The
      KMR Foundation folks have also suggested that they will be able to
      loan units out to those who would like to get up to speed with the
      Aziznagar deployment in particular, and OLPC project in general. If
      you are interested in contributing long-term (code, testing,
      translation, content), then you can put together a proposal and get
      XOs at no charge directly from OLPC. Take a look at

      I must reiterate, that I am not employed by OLPC in any capacity - I
      am a long-time volunteer and will be happy to help. Oh, and I grew up
      in Hyderabad a long time ago, hence the interest :-)

      Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor, Information Systems
      Director, Campus Business Solutions
      San Francisco State University
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