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[Commercial] Highlights - LFY November 2006

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  • Niraj Sahay
    Dear Readers, With the Fedora team, as usual, pushing the release date of FC6 again and again (before finally releasing it on 24th and it getting available for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Dear Readers,

      With the Fedora team, as usual, pushing the release date of FC6 again
      and again (before finally releasing it on 24th and it getting
      available for download on 25th), we were left with no option but to go
      for the next most requested distro on the bulletinn board - Mandriva
      Linux 2007. This distro is a treat for users who like to work on
      multi-architecture platforms (32-bit and 64-bit).

      Coming to the editorial highlights, we have a mega interview with
      Javed Tapia, founder Red Hat India, who speaks to the media for the
      first time after stepping down from his position of director - India.
      In the trends section, this month we discuss about the use of Linux in
      tghe supercomputing world.

      We have two very interesting case studies this month, one that
      discusses the first mover advantage taken by Samsung by incorporating
      the 'Linux-compatible' logo in their printer advertisement and the
      other about Bombay high court adopting Linux/OSS.

      In our opinions section, this month, the community opines on how
      whether IPR is a boon or a bane. Also, in the 'Down Memory Lane'
      series, we look at the history of the KDE project.

      FOR YOU & ME

      * KDE: Kudos All the Way!
      * Mandriva Linux 2007: The Ia Ora Magic Casts a New Spell
      * Enigmatise Youe E-mail
      * Opinions: IPR - Incentive or Disincentive to Innovate
      * Linux in Telecommunication: A Mighty Combo
      * The Director's Cut: Interview - Javed Tapia
      * From e-Governance to Open Governance


      * WLAN Cards on Linux: Tweak Your Way Out
      * Getting Wireless with Tux
      * Get SMART!
      * Easing Data Migration with Portable Data Containers


      * The Basics of JVMTI
      * Perl Development on Linux with Eclipse IDE
      * A uClinux Primer
      * Simplifying Audio Conversion with Glade
      * Build and Integrate Your Own Small Office Intranet


      * Linux is the Way to Go, Your Honour!


      * Linux Rules the Supercomputing World


      * Will Tux Boost Samsung's Printers into the No.1 Position?
      * Wind River - Embracing Tux with Open Arms: Venkatesh Kumaran, Wind
      River India


      * BraveGNUIndia: When Governments Promote FLOSS
      * FreedomYug: Steal This Film

      ON LFY DVD

      * Mandriva Linux 2007 (Free Edition)

      The latest distribution from the Mandriva stable, Mandriva Linux 2007
      (free edition) is simply fabulous. A highly versatile distribution,
      this DVD is readily installable on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

      ON LFY CD

      * 3D applications software: Blender 2.4, OpenSceneGraph, Irrlicht SDK
      1.1, Art of Illusion, myStudio - Free/Open source 3D software, JPatch,
      K-3D, screenhack, Aqsis, Ayam, gSculpt, Aztec 3D Modeller,
      * Newbies: KIso 0.8, Sweep, JACK Rack, Ardour, Rosegarden 1.4.0
      * Power Users: GNOME Partition Editor, QTParted, RRDTool, John the
      Ripper, GNU FreeIPMI
      * Fun stuff: Open Noid, Fighter 2, HoloRacer, Pang Zero, Elephants
      Dream, SolarWolf, LinCity-NG, Extended Death Match, Danger from the Deep
      * Updates: Kernel 2.6.18, Clam AntiVirus

      We hope you enjoy reading the issue. Please send all your feedback on


      Problems getting a copy of LFY? Feel free to reach out to our
      distributors (IBH) listed below:

      # Ahmedabad - Mr. S. K. Sharma (079-26577068)
      # Bangalore - Mr. Devaru Bhatt (080-22261305, 080-22252385)
      # Chennai - Mr. Vijay Rengan (044-28273893)
      # Hyderabad - Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal (040-27564945, 040-27561140)
      # Kolkata - Mr. Mehta (033-22498096/97)
      # Mumbai - Mr. Indur Vaswani (022-24943707)
      # New Delhi - Mr. P. K. Das (011-23313014/15)
      # Pune - Mr. Ashok Basant (020-26131261)
      # Trivandrum - Mr. Hari Kumar (0471-2475443)

      Go to our website www.lfymag.com OR email at support@... OR
      call at 011-26810601/02/03
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