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LINUX For You [Commercial]

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  • Niraj Sahay
    Dear Readers, Last couple of months have been simply rocking for the community - first it was Red Hat who rocked the centrestage with the release of Fedora
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 1, 2006
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      Dear Readers,

      Last couple of months have been simply rocking for the community -
      first it was Red Hat who rocked the centrestage with the release of
      Fedora Core 5 and this time it was Novell's turn to hog the limelight
      with the release of their much-awaited and celebrated distribution,
      SUSE Linux 10.1. Though it was tight, but LFY managed to bundle SUSE
      Linux 10.1 DVD with June 2006 issue. Check out the LFY DVD this month.

      This month, we have tried to keep the content also equally rocking. As
      always - from newbies to power users, from biz users to policy makers
      - there's something for everyone. Our cover story this month deals
      with the issue of trademarking of the brand 'Linux'. We continue our
      exploration of Asterisk - the revolutionary open source telephony tool
      - by finding out how to write dialplans. There is also an article on
      how you can create your own applications for Symbian based smart
      phones. For the newbies, we present three great open source tools -
      FreeMind, F-spot and Scribus - that find use in applications like idea
      management, photo management and desktop publishing and are sure to
      make your life simpler.

      A good news for the game crazy. Starting this month, LFY will carry a
      regular news column featuring latest updates from the Linux gaming
      world. Also, in the 'Down Memory Lane' series, we look at the turn of
      events that made OpenOffice.org stand where it is today.

      For Techies
      * Outsmart Your Smart Phone
      * Running FreeNX on Fedora Core 5
      * Scripting a Remote System Shutdown
      * Writing Asterisk Dialplans
      * Enhance Your Java Stack Trace Using JPrintStackTrace
      * Boot Linux From USB Pendrives

      For Newbies
      * Excellent Photo Management Using F-spot
      * We Will, We Will...Map Your Mind
      * Scribus - A Snappy Approach Towards Desktop Publishing

      For Decision Makers
      * TuxHeroes: (1) Alp Management Consultants
      (2) Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology
      (3) DTDC

      * Interview: Mr. Faisal M. Paul, country manager, HPC & Linux
      technology solutions group, HP India

      For Policy Makers
      * Mounting The Development Juggernaut - The OSS Way

      The LFY CDs
      SUSE Linux 10.1 DVD

      LFY CD #2 - A collection of software, games and updates.
      * Developers: PHP For Applications - PHP Framework, MoonShine IDE,
      OpenLDev, Ultimate++
      * Newbies: WengoPhone, FreeMind, F-Spot, Scribus, Wallpaper
      * Power User: Linux Bandwidth Monitor, Bandwidth Management Tools,
      MRTG - The Multi Router, Traffic Grapher, Planner,
      * Fun Stuff: Stellarium, Cube, CubeCombat
      * Updates: Kernel, Fedora Core 5

      Our effort is in your hands now. We hope you cherish reading the issue.

      Problems getting a copy of LFY? Feel free to reach out to our
      distributors (IBH) listed below:
      # Ahmedabad - Mr. S. K. Sharma (079-26577068)
      # Bangalore - Mr. Devaru Bhatt (080-22261305, 080-22252385)
      # Chennai - Mr. Vijay Rengan (044-28273893)
      # Hyderabad - Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal (040-27564945, 040-27561140)
      # Kolkata - Mr. Mehta (033-2498096/97)
      # Mumbai - Mr. Indur Vaswani (022-24943707)
      # New Delhi - Mr. P. K. Das (011-23313014/15)
      # Pune - Mr. Ashok Basant (020-26131261)
      # Trivandrum - Mr. Hari Kumar (0471-2475443)

      Go to our website www.lfymag.com OR email at support@... OR
      call at 011-26810601/02/03
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